CryptoKitties Is the #1 Etherum cryptocurrency Game!

CryptoKitties – Is the new CryptoCurrency based game released by Axiom Zen. CryptoKitties game players buy & sell, plus mate cartoon cats using Ethereum Currency. Learn all about Crypto Kitties, plus how to create a cryptocat, plus open a metamask wallet.

                                                  What are CryptoKitties?

                                                     CryptoKitties are virtual kittens

CryptoKitties is a game that came out at the end of November 2017 and that operates on the Ethereum blockchain and Ethereum Currency. In the game, you can buy and collect virtual cats.

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The cats have unique characteristics and if you let them mate you make new, unique cats that you can sell if you want. The average price of a cat (early December 2017) is about 100 dollars, and the most expensive cat is sold for more than 100,000 dollars.

You buy the cats with Ether, so the price of a cat depends on a bit on the value of this crypto coin. Every 15 minutes a new cat is offered for sale: for the average price for which the last 5 are sold + 50%. That can, therefore, increase considerably. Want more explanation about the game or how it works; the site itself has some information, CryptoKitties.

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Will you launch a new range with CryptoKitties that is similar to Tamagotchi? The Tamagotchi turned out to be a huge craze in 1996. Tamagotchi is a virtual pet. After a while, an orphan appears from an egg, which can be taken care of. With CryptoKitties young kittens are born in the blockchain world.

Via the Ethereum blockchain, the CryptoKitties game has gained enormous popularity. Over 4% of the network transactions relate to CryptoKitties. Currently, this accounts for 10.5% of all transactions on the network. Is CryptoKitties going after the Tamagotchi? Or it will be the new Pokémon.


With CryptoKitties you collect cartoon kittens that each has their own characteristics. It is precisely the characteristics that make the kittens unique and the production of new kittens leads to rare specimens that can be valuable in the long term. The cat Genesis, the first born cat, has been sold for 246.93 Ether.

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The transaction value over 115,000 US dollars. To date, 15,088 unique cats have been sold. (Source: Crypto Kitty Sales.

On CryptoKitties there is a cat marketplace where you can buy your cat. There is also the possibility to offer your male to breed the new kittens together with a female cat.

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The novelty of the game is that the kittens are each unique and are recorded as an 'object' on the Ethereum blockchain. This makes a cryptocat as unique as Bitcoin or Ether that is used on the Ethereum blockchain.


                                                       How does CryptoKitties work?

CryptoKitties uses the MetaMask a digital hardware wallet that is specifically designed for applications on the internet.

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                                                  The Gamme steps for CryptoKitties

  Install MetaMask within the Chrome browser. You can find MetaMask within the Chrome web store.

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  After the installation, MetaMask asks for a password. Choose a strong password.

  Next, MetaMask gives you the 12 unique words (seeds) with which you have a backup of the MetaMask wallet. Make a copy and store these twelve words safely.

  Then you perform a transaction to your Ethereum address. Click on the 'three balls' next to Account 1 (default name) and Show QR Code or Copy Address to clipboard. Your Ether address is shown.


  Transfer Ethers to the address shown. You simply buy Ethers through our partner LiteBit.

  Once you have Ethers in your MetaMask wallet, you can link them to an account within CryptoKitties. Your email and an alias are sufficient. You have full control through MetaMask.

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  To buy cryptocats, go to the 'marketplace'. You buy your first kitten and then you can decide to introduce litters of catkins. (Marketplace 'For Sale') If you buy a second kitten right away, you can produce a new kitten. Do not want to buy a second cat? You can also find hangovers for the community in the marketplace.

• New kittens are brought by bringing your cat together with another male. (Marketplace 'Siring').

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